In addition to sharing Emily Male’s extraordinary transformation from a shy overweight adolescent into a fit, confident and healthy teen and advocate for healthy lifestyles, the 21 Day FoodieFittie Program is a genuine “Journey to the Best You.” Each day covers a unique topic and tips from Emily related to the secret of her success – and how you can overcome obstacles like she did. Day 1 begins with an affirmation and promise to love yourself and the reason why journaling and keeping track of your progress is important. Other days cover basic nutrition, creating a healthy grocery list, fitness/working out, a 5 day workout split, setting goals and maintaining healthy habits, “treat meals” and deprivation, lifting weights and the myths of “bulking up,” diets and flexible dieting, efficient meal prep, overcoming fears and obstacles, binging, dealing with negativity, depression, cardio, carbs, motivation, feeling good in your clothes, dealing with parents on matters of personal independence, mental strength/mindset and Feeling amazing, just the way you are. Emily says, “It means everything to be able to tell you the real answers I’ve found…I wrote it, and I may have written it just for you!”

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